Saturday, October 22, 2011

Funny bunny

So I was on facebook and I found these two funny videos and I just had to share :) Enjoy! (On the bottom there is a little box that plays the music and you can stop it by pressing pause, so you can hear the videos)

Friday, October 21, 2011

My adventures in the pageant

So I figured I would catch you all... Well, probably no one... up on the peach queen pageant. I didn't make it, Which I am totally ok with because some of my good friends made it! 2nd attendant- Michelle Dean. 1st attendant- Rachel Kenedy. Peach Queen- Andrea DeFriez!
These girls did AMAZING in the pageant and they worked really hard for it!

During the pageant I learned so many new things. I thought I knew how to walk ever sense I was a little toddler... Yeah, I was wrong. They taught me how to walk properly and it is way hard! I also learned how to present my self, how to be professional, and ever sense the pageant I've been able to express myself more then I use to. The other thing that I loved about the pageant is I made 20 new friends not counting the host moms. I love them all so much and miss being with them every week.

When I was on stage I had SoOoO much fun, I was never nervous. My thinking was "I'm going to go onstage and have fun, no matter what happens I want this to be a good experience. So I'm going to have fun." The cool thing was, that when I did my talent which was a piano solo "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton.. It seamed like no one was in the room. I felt like I was at home on my favorite piono playing my heart out and having fun. Then when I was done and stood up, I realized "Wow, I didn't think that people where watching me" But I think my mom was the one that was nervous for the both of us. Dad said that every time I came on stage she would clenched her fingers onto her seat and take a deep breath, every time!

I didn't win any scholarships except a $300 scholarship for attending the pageant, I wish I would have gotten at least one more, but I'm glad I got what I got.

After the pageant was done and a few days later my Dad told me that he was talking to some people who knew the judges and they said that if I wouldn't have messed up on my on-stage question, I would have at least been one of the attendants in royalty... Man that sucked to hear that. Cause I did HORRIBLE on my on-stage question. I got a question that was something like "Who is the state representative and how do you feel about the things he does for us?" Or something like that... I studied everything except that, I looked up who the mayor and his council members where, who the governor and lieutenant governor is, the president and vice president. EVERYTHING, but that. So this is how I answered it "I honestly don't know who he is, but I do know that he is doing a wonderful job at taking care of us." Yeah, that was wonderful... and then come to find out, the guy was sitting in the third row. His daughter was one of the contestants. Lovely, huh?

But aside from that horrible question, it was all and all a great experience and I would do it again. I'm actually thinking about doing it in two years, but we will have to see how things go! 

One of my favorite parts of the pageant was that one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, Zach, bought a ticket just so he could come watch me in the pageant. That to me was HUGE, that he wanted to be there for me on a night that was so important to me! :) He's one amazing friend!
Also, I just want to end buy saying, thanks to everyone who supported me and stood there beside me through the whole thing, especially my wonderful parents! And I would have to say that it wouldn't have been the same without my two big brothers sitting in the front of the audience cheering as loud as they could for me saying "WAY TO GO CHAUCHO!!" Man did I smile when I heard that :)

Hot knees

So, a couple weeks ago my friend McKayla calls me up... "Hey I got phantomed (We phantomed her) Do you want to come help me phantom other people?" So I said "Yeah I'd love to!"
In the dark of the night, me in my WHITE (Yes, I said white) coat, and McKayla in her BLACK coat, we phantomed 2 people, then we get to the third house. We couldn't tell if they where home or not, so we ran to the door, sat the cookies on the porch, rang the doorbell, AND RAN FOR OUR LIVES!!!!!!.... Yeah, they weren't home......Well, as I was running in the road my shoe fell off and I tripped in the road. We would have hid behind a tree or something, but no, there front yard is a pile of weeds. So I get up from falling in the road, go inside McKayla's house, look at my knees and THIS is what I found
And this is what they looked like after Doctor Dad took care of me!

Now 2 weeks later, my knees are not all the way healed but they are improving very much :) The cool thing is, that I will have some SICK scares!!!