Friday, October 21, 2011

Hot knees

So, a couple weeks ago my friend McKayla calls me up... "Hey I got phantomed (We phantomed her) Do you want to come help me phantom other people?" So I said "Yeah I'd love to!"
In the dark of the night, me in my WHITE (Yes, I said white) coat, and McKayla in her BLACK coat, we phantomed 2 people, then we get to the third house. We couldn't tell if they where home or not, so we ran to the door, sat the cookies on the porch, rang the doorbell, AND RAN FOR OUR LIVES!!!!!!.... Yeah, they weren't home......Well, as I was running in the road my shoe fell off and I tripped in the road. We would have hid behind a tree or something, but no, there front yard is a pile of weeds. So I get up from falling in the road, go inside McKayla's house, look at my knees and THIS is what I found
And this is what they looked like after Doctor Dad took care of me!

Now 2 weeks later, my knees are not all the way healed but they are improving very much :) The cool thing is, that I will have some SICK scares!!!

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