Friday, November 4, 2011

What do I do, you ask? I'll tell you! :)

What am I doing right now, you ask? Well... I'll tell you! :)
I'm just chillin here, eating my last few pieces of Halloween candy (Jaw breakers, those always seam to be the last ones standing from the Halloween loot. Not to fond of them) And listening to "Don't stop believing" by Journey.

How was my Halloween, you ask?... Well, I'll tell you! :)
Monday night (Halloween) Me, Me sissy Kashée, and me friend McKayla (pretty much sissy) Went trick or treating around the neighborhood dressed up as trash. We took black garbage bags (Not used, of course), cut holes in them for our head and arms, and then taped candy wrappers to them :)
Along the way of our adventure we found two little girls from our ward who are 12 and 11, we let them tag along with us so we could make sure they got home safe and all that, And in return they showed us ware all the good houses where that passed out big candy bars! :)
Then along our adventure after we took the two little girls home this car pulls up and starts shooting something at us... It turns out to be my friends Tyler, Braden, and Terrence. They where shooting marshmallows at us with their marshmallow guns. So we went along with them... We sat in the back while Braden shot trick-or-treaters with marshmallows, and we had the music blasting with the windows rolled down. Yeah.... we pretty much had fun!

What have I been doing in school, you ask? Well, I'll show you! :)

 This is my mom's hand.. She was my model for my Acrylic nail test

This is my hand. I did gel nails on my self

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