Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grandpa Superman!

   Yesterday morning my Great Grandpa Donald died. The past few years he was really struggling with his health and over the years it just started to get worse and worse till finally he died in his sleep.
   Growing up I didn't really get to know my Grandpa Stephen, he died when I was a little kid. So I don't have very many memories of Grandpa Stephen, But I have lots of memories of my Great Grandpa Donald.
   Every year around Christmas time he would have a family party at his house, I always looked forward to going to that party. There would be the three F's..... family, food, and fun! I also remember when I was little I would always look forward to that family party because he had this dancing Rodolph, that when you would clap your hands Rodolph would dance, sing, and his little nose would light up too. And every year Grandpa would put that dancing Rodolph up because all the grandchildren loved it.
   I also remember that every year at that family Christmas party he would give all the grandchildren money, every year I would get $5, and every year I never got to spend that money because my mom and dad would put all my brothers and sisters money together to buy something for the whole family. Which I was ok with as I got older but when I was younger I was not happy about that.
   One thing that I loved about Grandpa was he would attend every church event for our family and for our cousins. I remember that he came to my baptism, and that really meant a lot to me. It probably didn't mean all that much to me back when I was younger, but now that I think back It means the world to me. and even though I was only a little baby and I don't remember anything, I'm betting he came to my baby blessing to, because that is how much he loves his family.
   I can honestly say that it was hard for me to see Grandpa when he was struggling with his health, because as he got worse it got hard for him to do things, and when you would talk to him it was hard for him to talk with you. And the reason it was hard for me to see him like that, was because all my life I grew up with a happy, healthy grandpa that could do everything. Nothing was imposable for him. He was strong, active, and took care of his family no matter what. To me, he was superman and still is. Some of the things that made him superman was his love for his family, and the love his family had for him. His testimony in the gospel, and that he honored his priesthood.
   I love my Grandpa and will miss him greatly, so will everyone else that was touched by him in there life. He served our country because he cared, and he will always be remembered.


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  1. I'm so glad you wrote this Shautel. I enjoyed it.