Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My life in a nut shell

WHAT?!?! you think I'm a nerd?... Ok I guess I agree with you (:

...My life in the past little while...

Jared and Kelli are now married <3 June 11, 2011 <3

I.. to this day, still have a Pink balloon in my Pink laundry basket (:
I've just never really found the urge to take it out. but hey, they both match!


 I am in Youth City Council and just the other day I went to the swearing in ceremony... So I am now officially one of the council memebers!!!!!!

I love being in YCC Because I'm with my friends, I get to serve the community, and most importantly I have fun while doing it! (:

My friend Gil (Angelica) Is SO AMAZING!! She's smart, funny, and WAY talented. I asked her to draw a picture of me and this is what she came up with..
I don't know about you, but I think that looks an awful  lot like me (:

A few weeks ago I went with the Young Women in my ward to the Logan Utah temple. I didn't get to go in because I sat out side with my friend who didn't have her recommend. But we had a blast, and the Temple is so beautiful!... See for your self
I just want you all to know... ♪"I'm going there some day"♫


Me and McKayla put on a YW TALENT SHOW!!
And this is our banner that we worked on for two days.. It says "Y.W. TALENT SHOW!" And then it has all the yw's names randomly all over the poster, And it turns out..... WE FORGOT SAYRAHS NAME!! So she added her name on there using tape.

This is my talent for the talent show... ♪♫I can only imagine♫♪
(in order to stop the music that is playing right now so you can hear this video... Go towards the top and on the right it will have a little box that is playing music.. Press pause)

Well, that's my life for the past few months, in a nut shell!... Ok, so I lied. There's lots more in my life... I just don't have pictures for the rest of them (:

Thanks for reading my blog. I'm hoping that I will be posting stuff more often then I do. So be on the look out for more posts! Cause their random, and their coming your way randomly (:

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